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Training is starting on Marchetti SF260 single engine aircraft. After that basic training, pilots may choose between heli training or jet training (on Alphajet). Finally, jet pilots can be converted to transport (C130, E135, F900,...) or jet fighter (F-16).

At the BeSOG, we act with a quite similar structure, although the training is not mandatory (except the ab-initio test) and is done in a very simple and modular way.




The main structure of the training is established as follows:

  • Ab-initio check (basic rules/procedures and VFR pattern)
  • Basic flight training (SF260), both VFR and IFR
  • Heli training (A109) or jet training (Alphajet)
  • Conversion to transport or F-16 for jet pilots


ATC training is obviously separate and consist in two parts:

  • Aerodrome control: ground/tower ATC
  • Approach/ACC control: vectoring, PAR, SRA and ACC control (restricted to ADC and more)


See callsigns and aircrafts for these operations


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