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January 2018 Division NOTAM


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Ivac2 is excellent software, but sometimes we hear the call for displaying the callsigns in the context menu.  We have no authority to program the callsigns ourselves, but we do have an excellent tool, thanks to Jean Brixhe, to help you with them



changes in phraseology


The general phraseology document has been adjusted according to the decision that was made by HQ Training Department.  You can directly download the PDF file that was created by Jessy Stas and adjusted by Yentl (XB-AOC) via this link 


New awards


It's been going on for a while, but since a few weeks we have new awards in the division!  Some of them come with the new tours that will be released on 1st of January, such as the division sailing tour award, and others will be given on reaching an achievement like the division online day award (25 participations for online evening)

 Division awards →



group sessions


2017 was a very successful year for the XB division.  We had a lot of new pilots and controllers.  In order to get everybody to a higher level, training department is starting with new group session for which you can start to subscribe on 1st of January.

Click the subscribe button and share the knowledge of our trainers, the sessions will be organised in English, so a decent level is required.


happy new year


On behalf of the entire XB staff we wish to say thank you for the splendid year we had in 2017.  A lot of new members joined us, and the number of active ATC raised a lot in the last half of the year.

As staff we have set our terms to continue the same way as we ended, and we will definitely come somewhere near you during 2018.  We wish you the very best and healthy new year, and hope to see you again in the virtual skies of IVAO! 


tour system


In 2018 we are taking our Tour System to the next level.  We're leaving the old MODA system for a new created one, which will be more user friendly not only for us as validators but especially for you as user!

A full discription on how to use the new Tour System can be found here. Feel free to report all bugs to the developers.


Division support 


Our Division Support team is currently working at full speed to get your membership of the XB division to a higher level.

This is what they are working on:
Aderik: sceneries for all military airports
Roan: Military tour banners and banners for tours 2018
Maël: Military tours

If you want to join the division support team, contact the XB-HQ


Staff Vacancies


We are still looking for people to help us in our daily tasks on division work.

What we are looking for?
Event Assistant Coordinator:
If you like organising events/tours and you are very creative in making banners.
Training Advisors (1NL/1FR)
If you like teaching our members the best parts of our hobby


upcoming events


2018 will be a challenging year for the whole event department.  We will be at several public events and we have plans to organise 2 RFE's this year.  What is confirmed for now?

20/01: Crowded Skies part XIV, we've been waiting for it a long time and now it's finally there!
           Controllers need to apply via the ATC-team

18/02: Brussels RFE. More information for pilots to come in the February NOTAM
           ATC will be done on location.  Controllers need to apply via the ATC-team 

24-25/03: PDE at Skywonder (Kortrijk)

Keep an eye on the event calendar for more challenging events!





IVAO stands for "International Virtual Aviation Organisation". We offer a dedicated, independant, free of charge service to enthusiasts and individuals enjoying and participating in the worldwide flight simulation community.