Charleroi Airport

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Brussels South Charleroi Airport, also called Charleroi Airport is an international airport located in Gosselies, a part of the city of Charleroi, 46 kilometres south of central Brussels, in Wallonia.

Coordinates : 502736N 0042710E
Elevation : 614 FT
Website :

Runway Dimension (in meters) Heading Approach
06 2250 x 45 065° VOR DME
24 2405 x 45 245° ILS IGC - 110.900 Mhz


Primary Positions Code Frequency FRA
Ground EBCI_GND 121.805 Mhz 24H
Tower EBCI_TWR 121.305 Mhz Mon-Fri 00:00z - 16:00z
Sat-Sun 00:00z - 14:00z
All other times


EBCI does not have an Approach controller, this means all departures and arrivals will be handled by Brussels Approach when traffic is not within the responsibility area of Charleroi Tower.

This means that if Charleroi Tower or Ground are not online the pilot should contact Brussels Approach or Brussels Control, in that order of appearance online, for departure out of and arrival into Charleroi.

In real life Charleroi Tower vectors aircraft below FL055. You can simulate this on IVAO if you want but only after proper coordination with Brussels Control and/or Brussels Approach.

You should hold at least an ADC rating before doing so.


The sceneries files can be found here


The controller files can be found here



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