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European Relay Event - Registration Form


Dear IVAO member, thanks a lot for your interest in the European Relay Event. If you want to participate to the contest, please register yourself or your team by filling in the form below. Before you do so, please make sure to read and comply to the following rules.

Your team can consist of up to four people. Only one person, the team responsible, has to register the team and only he/she will be contacted if necessary. As a team responsible it is your responsibility to relay communication from the event organisers to your team members. In case you are looking for people to form a team with, we advise to communicate your request in the comment section of the event announcement forum topic.
The registration deadline is Saturday 8 December 2018, 1100z. Late registrations will not be processed anymore. Joining the event without registration is allowed ofcourse, but in that case you can't participate to the contest.
If a team name is registered already, you cannot use it again to register a different team.
Due to airport limitations aircraft with Aerodrome Reference Code F cannot be registered for this event.
The form asks for your flight identification for the first leg. The identification has to consist of the 3 letter ICAO code representing the airline followed by a minimum of one and a maximum of four alphanumerical characters. The last character has to be 'A'. For the second leg the identification will be the same, but 'A' will be replaced by 'B'. Similarly for the third and fourth leg the last character will be respectively 'C' and 'D'.
Example: RYR63HA, RYR63HB, RYR63HC, RYR63HD
If an identification is registered already, you cannot use it again as identification for a different team.
Changes to the registration details of a team can only be made by the team responsible. In that case you should submit the form again with the updated information. Your previous registration(s) will be removed and only the most recent one will be valid. Changes are only valid if the updated registration adheres to all the rules mentioned on this page. If you want to remove your team from the list the team responsible should contact the BeLux Event Department.

You need to be registered in order to participate in the contest.
You can only belong to one team.
Participating teams will be categorised (see details below). In each category there will be one winning team. The winning team in each category is the team that gets on the ground in Lisbon in the shortest travel time from all teams in that category. The travel time will be calculated as the time frame between the Actual Take-Off Time (ATOT) in Amsterdam and the Actual Landing Time (ALDT) in Lisbon. In case of an ex-aequo the team with the earliest ALDT in Lisbon wins.
The times will be logged for you, so there is no need to report them afterwards. Before disconnecting after a flight, please remain stationary at your assigned parking stand for at least five minutes.
Your Actual Take-Off Time in Amsterdam has to be between 13z and 15z.
Every team member has to do one flight at least. Every of the four flights needs to be flown by at least one team member.
The take-off roll for the next flight can only start if the pilot from the previous flight has vacated the landing runway.
Example: if you are flying the second leg (EBCI-LFLL), you can only start the take-off roll if the pilot from your team that is flying the first leg (EHAM-EBCI) has vacated the landing runway in Charleroi.
Every team member shall operate its flight(s) with the same aircraft type, according to the ICAO code specified by the team responsible in the registration form.
Flights shall be operated as GAT in the subsonic regime.
Flights shall be flown with the identification specified by the team responsible in the registration form. Keep in mind that you need to change the last character for the last three flights.
Flightplans shall be filed either in accordance with the routes published in the event announcement or either according to other IFPUV validated routes. ATC can deviate from these to optimise the flow.
Only real time and real weather is allowed, either from the IVAO weather server or from an external weather depiction software. Time acceleration is absolutely forbidden.
All teams will be categorised based on the cruise performance of the specified aircraft type. The main reference for this cruise performance will be the Eurocontrol Aircraft Performance Database.
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Local procedures are to be followed, just like you should do on any other flight on the network.
Air traffic safety, realism, fun and an interesting experience are the main goals for this event. Under no circumstances must these be traded off for shorter travel time. Team members doing so or showing an unfair behaviour in general may result in punishment time added to the travel time or even the complete team being excluded from the contest.

Team Member 1 Member 2 Member 3 Member 4 Aircraft Identification Category
AIRTAXI 564864 569413 NA NA B738 ATX100A 2
Brazilian Tiger 224823 NA NA NA PC12 FJE242A 1
Buba Flight 476260 NA NA NA A319 AFL725A 2
Cactus 455362 332609 460633 491072 B733 AWE362A 1
CARAVAiles 343241 NA NA NA B763 KVL10RA 2
Father&Son 542337 551208 NA NA B738 KLM812A 2
Flightfun 565107 NA NA NA B738 KLM74A 2
FloatieMcFloat 571258 566942 NA NA B738 TRA8MA 2
French Arrows 500329 498911 524399 565258 A320 AIB04XA 2
French Touch 493352 NA NA NA A320 AFR320A 2
Kastanje Champignons 432664 523067 354893 424776 A320 EZY54A 2
KAWET'eam 342454 264924 549579 NA B738 KKW64A 2
Latecoere Legacy 155906 487717 NA NA A320 AFR16VA 2
NAX 130340 NA NA NA B738 NAX01A 2
Nordlicht 262784 NA NA NA B77L BAW1A 3
Pro Strikers 550503 579681 NA NA B738 DAH146A 2
Seal Hawks 572392 578168 435367 NA B744 HAW12A 3
Sicilia Air 260509 578518 546167 512413 B738 SIC001A 2
Sicilia Airlines 567738 447026 572654 479520 B738 SIC002A 2
Slovak Air Company 241154 421117 221330 NA A319 SAC251A 2
Spanish Simulation 543233 487239 496805 NA B738 SPS482A 2
TAR999 327192 NA NA NA B738 TAR999A 2
Telethon 157774 NA NA NA A320 AFR298A 2
Teyr 218166 NA NA NA A320 SVA606A 2
TomatoGroup 539281 527544 320682 536805 A320 TMT33A 2
TugAsia 155112 544159 NA NA A320 TGA316A 2
UK Badger 506896 532049 298770 288437 B738 UKB69A 2




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