Six new tours for special operations!

With the new year, the SO department decided to launch SIX new tours instead of the three previous ones! Discover an amazing way of flying across various activities!

First of all, on behalf of the whole staff, we wish you a very happy and successful new year. 2017 has been a very big year for Belux special operations and we hope 2018 will continue that way.

Last year, we had 3 tours: the so-called "General SO Tour" with various activities around special operations, the "Police & Medical" tour with mostly helicopters and the more recent "Military Transport Tour". The latter has been extended to 2018, but the two others have been replaced by new ones. And additionally we added 3 other very challenging tours.


GENERAL SPECIAL OPERATIONS TOUR 2018 - a bit of everything


This tour lets you discover a lot of different kinds of flights: police helicopters, VIP transport, air show, search and rescue and much more. Each mission has a realistic scenario like it could in real life, and a scenery package (FSX/P3D) is provided to add interesting ground objects linked to each mission (car crashes and so on).

MILITARY 15W TRANSPORT TOUR - for airliners fans


Bring VIPs, high-ranked military officers or even cargo all around Europe with this "transport tour". This tour is dedicated to the 15th Wing for Transport, based at Melsbroek Air Base (military part of Brussels Airport). You will fly aboard A321, ERJ135 & 145, Falcon 900 and even C130 for some very nice legs.

MILITARY TRAINING TOUR 2018 - train like a real pilot on Marchetti SF260 & Alpha Jet!


A very unusual tour here, with about half the legs in Marchetti SF260 (single engine piston aircraft used for basic training), mostly in VFR, and the other half with the amazing Alpha Jet, mostly IFR. Expect to train your skills with VFR navigation flight, patterns and even ILS approaches on a very light and versatile aircraft, and then master the power of the twin-engine Alpha Jet for various trainings such as 2NDB approaches, circling approaches and much more. Always short legs, always in Belgium & Luxembourg!

POLICE & MEDICAL TOUR 2018 - exciting police & medevac operations


Almost all legs are flown with helicopters: police helicopters from the Belgian Federal Police & the Luxembourguish Police, but also medevac helicopters from Bra-sur-Lienne and Sint-Jan Hospital. A Police Cessna 182 is also used for a part of the tour. All missions are separated, can be flown in a random order and are provided with a realistic scenario and a scenery package bringing a lot of objects. Feel the pressure of a medical or security emergency!

MILITARY HELI TOUR 2018 - helicopters in a tactical way


Military helicopters can be used for a lot of different missions: cargo transport, recce, air support for ground troops, active combat, fire fighting or search and rescue. Here you will get a bit of everything with our very nice Agusta A109, NH90 Caiman, SeaKing MK48 or Alouette III. Very short and very long missions to be flown in a random order, according to your free time and taste :-)

CADETS GLIDER TOUR 2018 - freedom and lightness when chasing updrafts!


This is probably the most unusual way of flying on IVAO. Like the Belgian Air Cadets which welcome every year several young passionates who want to get a glider license in a military environment, we here propose you 10 legs with a glider. Local or navigation flights in various air fields (both civil and military), outside controlled airspace for a total freedom. Enjoy!


What are you waiting before starting one of those amazing tours?

See all details and, maybe, start one of them :-)

Happy flights!