New freeware scenery for Brussels National EBBR

It’s the fifth of February 2018. The day has come: an accurate scenery – not really a scenery so far, I’d rather call it an accurate AFCAD – has finally been released for Brussels Airport.

The developer managed to take an AFCAD to the next level. There are so many features that I don’t know where to start, but the one that made me the most exciting, was the alignment with so-called photoreal scenery, which is included in the package. It’s a nice feature for both pilots – they don’t have their taxiways in the grass of their photoreal scenery anymore – and the controllers, who can now see the aircraft on IvAc exactly where the pilots see their aircraft in their simulator.

Night lighting is still absent so far, although other 3rd party add-onns with 3D night lighting should be compatible with it.

Besides that, the developer has also made it possible to choose the default background, which has now a better circumference by updating the terrain file. To make you really feel like you are flying at the airport like it is in real not only the navaids have been updated according to the AIP, it is also kept up-to-date to match the official Belgocontrol NOTAM’s.

The default scenery lacks an accurate representation of the gates and stands. No absence regarding that in this scenery, since they have also been placed according to the background images. Not only the Abelag apron has been modelled, also the new cargo apron and the so-called right and left gates are present.


Lastly, the airport is fully compatible with FSDreamTeam GSX (as long as you configure it correctly). I don’t think that, with the scenery already having over 1500 downloads, I have to tell you that this scenery is quite popular.

The scenery is, of course, still available for download at

Not even a week later BeLux Scenery expanded from a developer to a team, with one modelling the 3D buildings and another one modelling the ground polygons. Things are looking good so far for the second version. On Facebook we were able to see some previews about their work. It seems that tons of features, like SODE jetways, the gate and taxiway markings, a detailed 3D representation of both the airport and the surroundings… One thing is sure: it will be a freeware scenery with payware standards.