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Welcome to the IVAO Belgium division! This little guide is intended to introduce you how to observe a specific ATC station and listen to the traffic around. There are two ways to do so; either by connecting on Teamspeak and listening at the ATC channel or using IvAc or both even.

Note: At this stage you need to have created an IVAO account and have your IVAN password noted down next to you.
NOTE: This manual is dedicated only for IVAO Network activities. This document must not be used in real aviation or in others networks.


You need to install Teamspeak 2 to be able to go into the different ATC channels. A microphone is not needed as you do not need to interact with anybody but just listen.

Attention: You need Teamspeak 2. Teamspeak 3 will not work on IVAO servers.

Get a free copy at this address. Follow the steps to install the software and open it. Click on ‘Options’. A pop up open, ensure to set your headset or speaker to hear properly.

It is time to look up the IVAO Teamspeak server list. Simply open this link and you will see a couple of information about each of them. Copy and paste the name of the server, open Teamspeak, click on ‘Connection’ then ‘Connect’ in the top bar and click on ‘Add Server’.

Edit the name of the new entry at your discretion and fill in the pop up as follow.

The nickname is up to your own choice. Tick ‘Registered’ and insert your VID as login name and your IVAN password. The other options below are optional. You should now be connected on the Teamspeak server you have chosen.

You may now see other people in the UNICOM channel. Want to switch to another channel? No problem, double click on it and you should be moved automatically. Last but not least, you may find out by yourself checking on Webeye on what Teamspeak server is an ATC connected at. Click on his position, and check for the server information as shown in the red square:

Note: If you fail to see the server address, the ATC may be on text mode communication only and thus does not have any channel.


We recommend you read the IvAc guide to get familiarized with its features and how to load a sector file for the position you want to observe at. Log in via IvAc as you would do like an ATC but with a callsign ending with _OBS. Tick the ‘Voice’ box as you would do like any ATC and pick any TS server may work too. Hit connect, load your sector file and you’re now ready to see how is the traffic being handled by the ATC.

Do not hesitate to connect on Teamspeak at the same time and follow up ‘on live’ what’s happening! Ask your questions through private chat to the ATC if you have any, but remember to not ‘harass’ him since he might be busy handling traffic load.


Have a question? Do you need support? We will be always happy to help you and clear out your questions. The best way is to reach us directly through email and select ‘IVAO Training department BE’ into the category field. You may share your experience with us on our dedicated division forum by clicking here. Download the guide as PDF here


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