ATC Ratings

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Badge Title Minimum Hours Theoretical Exam Practical Exam Briefing Guide Remarks
ATC Applicant (AS1) 0 Not required Rating given when registering with IVAO.
ATC Trainee (AS2) 10 Not required Rating automatically achieved after completing the minimum hours. (Update at 12H00UTC)
Advanced ATC Trainee (AS3) 25 Refer to the IVAO documentation Theoretical exam in English
Aerodrome Controller (ADC) 50 ADC Briefing Guide For members of active Divs only (R&R
Approach Controller (APC) 100 APC Briefing Guide For members of active Divs only (R&R
Centre Controller (ACC) 200 ACC Briefing Guide For members of active Divs only (R&R
Senior Controller (SEC) 1000 SEC Briefing Guide Applicant must hold the Senior Private Pilot Rating.

For members of active divisions only (R&R

Additional requirements apply, please check the Briefing Guide.
Senior ATC Instructor (SAI) Special rating for experienced HQ instructors and examiners. Will be issued by TD/TAD on an as-need basis.
Chief ATC Instructor (CAI) Honorary rating. Is given to the Training Director and Training Assistant Director and retained after retirement.


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