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29 Dec

Supervisors: what is their exact job?

They are sometimes seen as the "Policemen of IVAO", some members are afraid of them, some dislike them, for good or bad reasons. But supervisors are useful and, most of the time, misunderstood. Focus on this particular but very demanding role.

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05 Dec

8.33 kHz Voice Channel Spacing

As from Thursday 6 December 2018 8.33 kHz Air-Ground Voice Channel Spacing (AGVCS) will be implemented below FL195 in the Brussels FIR. In this blog post you will discover what is happening and why it is necessary.

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Maintenance BUB DVOR

Brussels DVOR will be out of service due to maintenance works. Temporary procedures will be put in place and you can read all about these in this blog post.

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Scenery review for Ursel, Kiewit and Florennes (FSX/P3D)

Here is a short review of 3 freeware sceneries for FSX and P3D.

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12 Sep


With the upcoming AIRAC 1810 becoming active tomorrow, there will be a lot of changes in the division's airspace.

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12 Jul

New freeware scenery for Brussels National EBBR

It’s the fifth of February 2018. The day has come: an accurate scenery – not really a scenery so far, I’d rather call it an accurate AFCAD – has finally been released for Brussels Airport.

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