What are SO ?


Special Operations involve all ATC and flight operations that do not fall under the definition of commercial or general aviation. This can be, for example :

  • Military flights (tactical, air transport,…)
  • Police flights
  • Search and rescue
  • Military ATC
  • Fire fighting


Special operations are an important part of real life operations, thus they are simulated on IVAO as well. But since they can lead to troubles, some very strict and clear rules have been established, both by the HQ Special Operations Department and the Belux division SO department. For example, it is totally forbidden to simulate operations linked to real life conflicts (wars) or to use SpecOps in an aggressive way. However, air patrols, interceptions, air transport, trainings, rescue… can be simulated, as long as the rules are carefully followed.

At IVAO Belux, we decided to split SpecOps into 4 categories :

  • Tactical flight
  • Air transport
  • Light aviation (including Police)
  • ATC Operations


IVAO stands for "International Virtual Aviation Organisation". We offer a dedicated, independant, free of charge service to enthusiasts and individuals enjoying and participating in the worldwide flight simulation community.