Rules & Regs


Special operations are a very sensible domain and are subject to several rules and regulations, both international and divisional.

International rules

The international part of the regulations is set in the "SO Directive". All rules written there apply to all special operations in the world. You can find the directive here : SO Directive.


Category B (combat operations, interceptions,...) can only be flown with proper permission, inside a special operations group (like the BeSOG). It can NEVER be executed by an individual. Special operations flights can be flown as OAT (operational air traffic) only if a military ATC is present, according to the divisional regulations (see below). Otherwise, they have to fly like a civil aircraft.

Divisional rules

Each active division has a letter of agreement (LoA) regulating the divisional procedures.

You can find the Belux LoA here : Belux SO LoA (v2.1 / September 2017)


Pilots flying for BeSOG and other pilots approved by SO department fly with different rules than other SO pilots. Here is a summary


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