[STAFF] Changes in division staff (update 12/04)

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As from today there are some changes in the XB staff.

  1. Division HQ
    Denis Toussaint as decided to stop as XB-DIR due to heavy workload in private life.
    We like to thank Denis for all his hard work in the division and wish him the best of
    luck in his job as pilot.
    Until further notice David Flement (XB-ADIR) will take over the tasks in the division.
  2. SO department
    ​Mehdi Meunier will take control over the department as SOC.
    Tim Vancauwenbergh is switching to SOAC and will manage the BeSOG-team.
    They will be assisted by Jonatan Geeurickx as their SOA1.
    Above this we would like to thank the entire team for their work and bringing it to the level where it's currently at.
  3. Events department
    Roan Wera is reinforcing the team as EAC.  Together with Bart Debusscher (EC) he will be responsible for creating
    events on a monthly base on EBBR and on the local aerodromes.

From division HQ, we wish them all the very best in their new positions!


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