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The booking system giving you access to the flight schedule of Sunday 18 February.

Certain flights in the booking system will be flown on the Brussels Flight Simulators Boeing 737NG flight simulator. This full scale replica from the real flight deck will give you the possibility to experience your flight ‘as real as it gets’! Search for the flights attached to the BFS logo if you want to find out about the details. 

The booking system will become fully active in the night of 31/01 to 01/02.


Controllers info


The ATC schedule for this event is managed by the BeLux ATC Operations Department. If you are interested, head over to the ATC request rage and apply for a position! The participating controllers will be rewarded with two points for the BeLux ATC Event Award.  The schedule will be sent by mail a couple of days before the RFE.

For organisational reason, all ATC will be provided live from Brussels Flight Simulators' facility.










This is a Public Demonstration Event organised in cooperation with Brussels Flight Simulators. The event will be hosted from the company’s facility in Zaventem, Belgium. Visitors are welcome to take a look, contact information is available on their website!


saturday 17/02

  • Workshop IVAO:

    Phraseology and simsession with
    IVAO trainers (NL/FR/EN).  You pay for the simsession, NOT for the trainer!

  • Boeing 737 IVAO flight tour:

    B738NG simsession at special
    prices for IVAO members

  • Cessna 172 simulator:

    VFR flight with the C172 sim
    at special prices


There will be assistance from IVAO trainers, however there is no online event on this day! 
All flights are to be flown at BFS in the simulator. 

 Bookings Saturday →

sunday 18/02



  • IVAO's Brussels RFE:

    Between 11Z and 20Z, IVAO is having its RFE at Brussels Flight Simulators in Zaventem, very close to the airport.

  • Boeing 737 IVAO tour:

    Finalising the IVAO tour and local IFR flights during the RFE at special IVAO prices

  • Cessna 172 & LSS:

    VFR flights with the C172 sim or Light Simulator Station at special IVAO prices

The flights you book here are all flights live at BFS, online flights are to be booked under "pilots info"



Founded in the fall of 2014 by Pierre Van Walleghem, Brussels Flight Simulators is a company
dedicated to flight simulation and located nearby Brussels Airport.

With our Boeing 737NG simulator, we provide the public with a new amazing tool, for the first time in Brussels.

For pilots and students, aviation lovers, beginners, entreprises or people with the fear of flying,
our environment can be adapted to all kinds of demands.

Passion for aviation, love of technology, computer mind, wind feeling and a lot of self-education:

these are the basic ingredients that made Pierre Van Walleghem succeed in this new project.
So get ready to take off with us from runway 11 at the airport of the third millennium!
Brussels Flight Simulators opens its doors to passionates & outsiders for the second time!
In partnership with IVAO BeLux Region, the belgian division of the most-popular flight simulator network in the world!




IVAO stands for "International Virtual Aviation Organisation". We offer a dedicated, independant, free of charge service to enthusiasts and individuals enjoying and participating in the worldwide flight simulation community.