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April 2018 Division NOTAM


Stay in Touch!

VFR fly in

Brussels - Geneva Airbridge




Our latest RFE was hosted at Brussels Flight Simulators and may be concluded as a big success.


RFE STATS (civil side only)


  • Available flights:    298
  • Booked flights:   204 (68%)
  • Participating pilots: 148
  • OPS room (ATC+QRA):   16​

​Brussels Flight Simulators is offering a discount to all IVAO members who book a session at their facility. Check it out!




On Tuesday 17 April an airbridge between Brussels and Geneva is planned. More details will be available soon on the XB website, the XB forum and the XB facebookpage.

The event will take place in the time frame of our weekly Online Evening, giving you the chance to do both flights! ATC service along the complete route can be expected!


division tours


Simon Piep and Otto Vandroogenbroeck recently joined our Division Support Team.  

To check their competences, they created this very nice ULM tour which comes with the new ULM award for pilots who completed the tour.

Have fun flying!


atc ops


Some new ATC documents have become available since our last NOTAM.

  • Quickview EBKT

You can find them all on our divisional procedure page.




The team is currently processing a lot of training requests at the same time.  We would like to remiind you to subscribe with the training form and describe as much as possible your needs for training to get your training as personal as possible.

Have a look at our forum, website or Facebook to know when the next sessions will take place. Last but not least, feel free to open up a discussion on the forum should you have something not clear into your mind or drop us an email if you’re too shy!




The number of new members is a bit below average this month, nonetheless we’re glad to see you on board. Feel free to read our tutorials onto the website and get started to experience what IVAO has to offer to you.

If you ever registered, we encourage you to contact the membership coordinator so you will get your old account reactivated. Do not try to make a new one as it will likely get deleted. 


New atc position


The military operations from Semmerzake have merged into CANAC at Belgocontrol.  To coordinate the military ground activity at Melsbroek (EBMB) we have created a new ATC position in IVAC2 as EBMB_GND (callsign: Melsbroek Operartions).

This position will only take care of military activity on the ground level and is available on frequency 131,875 MHz.


pde's 2018


In very short time we will start our PDE season again.  As always we are trying to perform on different events in real life and we are trying a new concept this year (more info later).

Confirmed dates:

The schedules are not fixed, more PDE's are possible to come as the season continues.



We are still looking for some motivated colleagues!
  • Event Assistant Coordinator (EAC)
    As an EAC you work together with the Event Coordinator to organise at least 1 event from the local Aerodromes (EBKT/EBLG/EBOS/EBCI/EBAW/ELLX).  You give pilots a purpose to fly every day/night by creating the divisional tours.
  • Training Advisor NL (TA)
    As TA you coordinate trainings together with the training department and report to the Training (Assistant) Coordinator.  For this position we are currently looking for a native Dutch speaking trainer, or perfect bilingual with strong knowledge of ATC.​




IVAO stands for "International Virtual Aviation Organisation". We offer a dedicated, independant, free of charge service to enthusiasts and individuals enjoying and participating in the worldwide flight simulation community.