Luxembourg RFE - ATC Survey

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Dear IVAO member,

On Sunday 9 September 2018 the BeLux Division organises its first Luxembourg Real Flight Event! Before fixing the time frame we need some feedback from our controllers. Therefore, if you are interested in applying for an ATC position for this event, please read through.

Contrary to the Brussels RFE earlier this year, there won't be a centralised ATC location this time. You can expect a dedicated ATC briefing before the event and you will perform your duties from home.

The start time of the event will be somewhere between 08:00z (10:00LT) and 12:00z (14:00LT), depending on controller availabilities. If you want to apply for an ATC position, please fill the survey below and help us make the best decision. The end time will be 21:00z (23:00LT).

Thanks in advance!

The survey closes on Saturday 18 August 2018, 20:00z.


Luxembourg RFE - ATC Survey



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