BeLux VFR Event - Survey Results

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BeLux VFR Event - Survey Results!

Dear IVAO member,

Thanks a lot if you participated to our VFR survey that was released a couple of weeks ago! The responses were analysed and it seems several people are interested in participating to a VFR event in our division. Therefore it is now confirmed that such an event will take place in the afternoon of Thursday 10 May 2018 (Ascencion Day).

We will be organising a bidirectional VFR airbridge between Grimbergen and Kortrijk. Scenery wise these are the best covered airfield and airport in the top three. With all the applicable Flight Information Services online you will be able to experience what VFR cross-country flying in Belgium is all about. The full event announcement will follow soon, as well as a dedicated pilot briefing, covering all you need to know before participating to this event.

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In the survey there was an option to request additional information regarding VFR flying on the IVAO network. If you did, you should have received this additional documentation by now. If you didn't you can still download the document here.

Should you have any questions or remarks, don't hesitate to contact In the meantime, make sure to save the date and keep a look on our website, forum, Facebook page or Discord server for further details!



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