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Bring flight simulation to the next level...

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A virtual world... for free!

Take your captain seat or work as an air traffic control: you are now part of a virtual world, but a real community with real flight simulation enthusiasts using real-life procedures. This is definitely a big step forward, and even better... It's FREE!

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Choose your job (or why not do both!)

Air Traffic Controller

Use our amazing state-of-the-art radar software (for free!) and connect as an air traffic controller! It's now time to guide all planes in your airspace, just like you would do as a real life air traffic controller. And don't be afraid, our training staff is there to help you!


Use your favourite simulator (Prepar3D, Flight Simulator or X-Plane), connect using our own-developed software (IVAP) and get online. You will appear on the controllers' radar screens and also see other airplanes around you! Now time to contact the ATC and get your clearance for an amazing online flight!

Why chosing IVAO?


We are using real-life procedures thanks to many real-life pilots and ATC within our members. The goal is to bring more realism and fun into your daily flights.


Yes, it's free!* Join us now, download our free software and get started in minutes... You won't have to pay to have fun with us!

* flying online requires you to have a simulation software like Prepar3D, MS Flight Simulator or X-Plane, but our own software are free

A training staff to help you getting higher

Our division has a whole team of trainer who are there to assist you for your first steps on the network, but also to gain more skills and experience in the future. We also have our own e-Learning platform making it easy for autodidacts! Practical training is given in English, French and Dutch.


Even though IVAO is especially active in Europe, you can find controllers all over the world. With more than 200.000 members, you can discover new areas in a very nice environment.

Events and special operations

Our events department organizes many very nice events for you: real flight events (simulation of all real life flights of an airport), fly-ins, challenges... And our Special Operations department gives you the oppotunity to operate a F-16 or any other military plane, as well as police or medical helicopters, gliders... Again one step forward into realism!

Any question?

Perhaps you are a bit lost, or need more information. If so, please send us your question and we'll answer as soon as possible!