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Liege Airport, previously called Liege-Bierset, is the international airport of Liege in Belgium, mainly focusing on air freight. At the end of 2015, it was the 8th biggest cargo airport in Europe and the 22nd biggest in the world.

The airport is located in Grâce-Hollogne, Liege Province, north-west of the city of Liege, in the east of Belgium. The first terminal on the site opened in 1930.

It is mainly used for freight/cargo operations, but also serves more than 23 destinations for passengers (mainly charters). Liege is located in the centre of the golden triangle Paris - Amsterdam - Frankfurt that handles 66% of European freight, and 75% when taken together with London. In 2014 it was the eighth-biggest cargo airport in Europe. Liege Airport is the biggest cargo airport in Belgium, and the third-biggest for passengers after Brussels Airport and Brussels South Charleroi Airport.

Coordinates : 503811N 0052634E
Elevation : 659 FT
Website :

Runway Dimension (in meters) Heading Approach
04R 3690 x 45 045° ILS IHH - 108.750 Mhz


3690 x 45 225° ILS ILG - 109.350 Mhz


2340 x 45 045° NIL
22R 2340 x 45 225° ILS IBI - 109.350 Mhz


Primary Positions Code Frequency FRA
Ground EBLG_GND 121.930 MHz 24H
Tower EBLG_TWR 118.130 Mhz Mon-Fri 00:00z - 16:00z
Sat-Sun 00:00z - 14:00z
All other times
Approach EBLG_APP 119.280 Mhz Mon-Fri 00:00z - 16:00z
Sat-Sun 00:00z - 14:00z
All other times


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