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The info on this page will be effective as of 1st Octobre 2016 00:00z!


Brussels Control is the Air Traffic Service (ATS) communication facility which covers the Brussels FIR.
During normal operations EBBU_W_CTR will be used which will cover the complete FIR. From time to time during busy traffic periods on IVAO the FIR can be split into 2 sectors named Brussels West (EBBU_W) and Brussels East (EBBU_E), EBBU_E can only be opened with consent and coordination with EBBU_W.

Due to the Upper Airspace STructure (above FL245), the NOR, BITBU and KOSIT areas responsibilities will be assumed by Brussels Control, but only above FL245. These areas are located east of our FIR above Germany. See the Letter of Agreement for detailed images of these areas.

The images below show you the the single sector FIR and the split sector. (click to enlarge)

When EDYY_BRU is online, EDYY_BRU will assume responsibility of all trafic above FL245 within the Brussels FIR and over the NOR, BITBU and KOSIT areas.
See the image below for a graphical overview of the divided AoRs between EBBU and EDYY_BRU (click to enlarge)


Primary Positions Code Frequency FRA
Brussels Control EBBU_W_CTR 131.100 Mhz All times


Split Positions Code Frequency FRA
Brussels Control EBBU_W_CTR 131.100 Mhz
All times
Brussels Control EBBU_E_CTR 128.200 Mhz
All times
EBBU can only be split with consent of both controllers willing to do EBBU. Good coordination between the controllers is required.


The controller files can be found here



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