Division Change

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You are in another division than XB and would like to join us? You can ask for a division transfer. This transfer is subject to several restrictions from IVAO HQ and our division HQ.

1. Division Transfer Request

The rules and procedures for division transfer can be found here http://forum.ivao.aero/index.php?topic=335565.0 . Once we receive your request, we will proceed with it as fast as possible.


2. Motivation

It is important for us to know why you want to transfer to our division. Please elaborate and provide as much details as possible about your request.


3. Profile history

Once we receive your request, we will also check your IVAO profile and see if you are active. Also, if you had any suspension in the past 2 years, your request will be immediately denied.



The division Training Departement will have the right to check if your practical ratings achieved in your previous division matches our expectations. 



IVAO stands for "International Virtual Aviation Organisation". We offer a dedicated, independant, free of charge service to enthusiasts and individuals enjoying and participating in the worldwide flight simulation community.