Solo display test with AlphaJet

These few days of good weather were a good opportunity to make a few additional tests for aerobatics with Marchetti and AlphaJet.

BeSOG has a Wing (1W Demo) dedicated to that purpose and next spring/summer will see full of such demo events. Using JoinFS brings much more fun for both formation flights and solo displays, with very smooth movements and detailed aircrafts. Smoke system brings even a new dimension to aerobatic figures.

This precise test was done at Beauvechain Air Base. The video started during the flight, with a duration of about 40 minutes. You can see a lot of different figures including loops, half loops, rolls, stalls/spins, break turns and so on.

BeSOG has concluded an agreement with IVAO Morocco to train over the Sahara desert during the winter, enjoying a much better weather for formation flight and aerobatics training. Some further partnerships are considered for even more fun.

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