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Several exciting aviation-related jobs you can do right now!

Aviation is your passion for sure, and you always enjoy flying or controlling online on IVAO. But have you ever considered making it your lifetime job? Perhaps as a pilot, but why not as a technician, an air traffic controller or a flight attendant? Focus on a few jobs that are available for you in Belgium and Luxembourg

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29 Dec

Supervisors: what is their exact job?

They are sometimes seen as the "Policemen of IVAO", some members are afraid of them, some dislike them, for good or bad reasons. But supervisors are useful and, most of the time, misunderstood. Focus on this particular but very demanding role.

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MUAC Free Route Airspace

On 6 December 2018 Eurocontrol has implemented phase 2 of the Maastricht UAC Free Route Airspace (FRA). This article covers the most important aspects you need to understand in order to make optimal use of it.

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05 Dec

8.33 kHz Voice Channel Spacing

On Thursday 6 December 2018 8.33 kHz Air-Ground Voice Channel Spacing (AGVCS) has been implemented below FL195 in the Brussels FIR. In this blog post you will discover what has happened and why it was necessary.

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