About BeSOG


BeSOG, which stands for “Belux Special Operations Group” is an official special operations team covering all aspects of SO for Belux region : military flights and ATC, police operations, search and rescule, medical flights,…

According to the SO directive and rules, most special operations cannot be performed by individuals, and SO Groups must coordinate all operations with the divisional SO department. For that reason we decided to create an official group inside the SO department. Pilots and ATC willing to take part to special operations are advised to apply for the BeSOG, as most operations will only be allowed to BeSOG members.

Being part of BeSOG only requires a short ab-initio training covering the rules and procedures in application for special operations. That way, we make sure every pilot and ATC is aware of what may or may not be done. After completion of that training, candidates will be able to choose the category or categories they are interested in (tactical flight, air transport, light aviation or military ATC). They will get specialized trainings and perform in a very nice environment, with a lot of approved activities.

Interested ? Don’t hesitate to join us !


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